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Renaissance Man Holiday Jam 2017

Friday December 15th from 5:30 to Midnight
2203 N Pace blvd


This will be the do not miss event of the season!
Metal art, three screens projecting my crazy Art movie, a huge freestyle jam session, face painting, portrait illustration, photo booth, fire dancing and door prizes. Please come, be festive and have the time of your life!
Be a part of the art!

Any contribution you can add is encouraged and greatly appreciated! Bring your painting stuff do a dance, wear costume, join the jam, bring food or drinks anything to add to the fun!


Stadium Desk

In light of the CFP Championship that ended with Clemson’s victory over Alabama, 35-31 (yes, we were on the edge of our seats too!). We think it’s the perfect time to share our Stadium Desk with you! We were contacted by Mike in November of 2016.  He had a special project he needed our help on and we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such an unique piece. He had wood from the original Clemson Stadium! Mike was Clemson Alumni and he was lucky enough to be leaving college as they were replacing the original cedar wood stadium seating with aluminum, just in time to leave with some of the cedar wood.

The original Clemson Memorial Stadium was built in 1941-1942 to meet the demand of new found fans that were flocking to Frank Howard Field to watch the Fighting Tigers in action. Against the judgment of late coach Jess Neely, Clemson decided to go through with building their new stadium to seat 20,500 fans. In 1942, I would imagine they’d never dream of needing more seating.  However, by 1958 they were expanding again and by 1972 they were switching out their cedar wood bleachers with aluminum.

Mike was able to snag some beautiful pieces of wood and originally used them to build a Trestle Table which was in use just before his move to Pensacola in 2016. He knew he wanted to use the wood for something just right and when he settled in Pensacola, he knew he needed a desk. Thankfully, that’s where Renaissance Man Inc came in!

Kevin got right to work on designing a functional desk for Mike that held a lot of sentimental value.  With a few meeting of the minds, Kevin and Cleland got right to work and between Kevin’s way with metal and Cleland’s extensive cabinetry knowledge they created a timeless piece that many will admire for years to come.

As I touched the smooth wood and thought of all the memories it held, I couldn’t help but wonder what came of the other Cedar wood? I hope it found a great new purpose like Mike’s.


Finishing out 2016 with a bang!

On the coldest night of the year we hosted our Annual Christmas Bash and don’t you know, it was the best ever! The fires were going and the music was jammin, oyster shells littered the table close by our Mother Shucker,, don’t back up or you’ll run into our human sized pot of gumbo! Oh, the people…they danced and sang and stood in line for the kegerator.  We got to see some of our closest friends, family and great customers! The best part? We made many new friends! 

The Christmas presents! How could we forget? Along with clients purchasing our Mother Shucker and original Renaissance Man ornaments, we also got to fabricate some great gifts. Like this bad mama jama of a grill that we know will outlast all of us. Seriously guys, the great great great grand kids will be grillin’ their hybrid tofu burgers on this thing. 

Now for 2017! We know this will be a blessed year for all of us! Here at Renaissance Man Inc, we’re ready to conquer it!